How to Become a Blues Girl

If you admire the women of blues with their liberated views and love for life and would like to add a bit of blues flavor to your life, enhance your feminine confidence, and just take your life easier the following tips will help.

1. Develop a Positive Attitude to Life.

Consider turning negative parts of your life into something positive. Stop worrying about your problems, and think how you could glamorize them instead. If you're broke it can be the right time to focus on the art. If you're lonely you can get inspired to write beautiful lyrics. In fact, the best blues songs are about unrequited love. View your problems as a temporary challenge that can help you become a deeper, more thoughtful person.

2. Improvise.

Gifted blues artists are all masters of improvisation. This helps them feel confident and never lose the head whatever may happen either during the concert or in everyday life. Don't fear the future and rely on your resourcefulness to get you out of the problem.

3. Be Progressive Minded.

The women of blues are always ahead of time and are the leaders in their relationships. Don't be afraid to do what you think is right. Be honest with yourself and other people.

4. Be Independent.

When the blues just appeared, a lot of female vocalists would make more money and were more popular than the men in their lives. Keep a relationship only if you enjoy the time together but not because of his money or any other reason.

5. Listen to Blues Music.

SantaCruzBluesFestival Womens of Blues

SantaCruzBluesFestival Womens of Blues

The lyrics of blues gurus such as Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, and more contemporary female vocalists like Erykah Badu or Aaliyah are sure to inspire you to be a confident, self-made woman who doesn't give up and is ready to withstand any hardships in life.

6. Get the Blues Look.

Blues artists never strive to look like the stereotypical beauties. They love their appearance whatever it may be and work with what they've got. The blues women think deep and don't care much about their makeup or hairdo. They prefer to look natural, but may accentuate the face with an eyeliner or red lipstick. It is their confidence that makes them so charming and attractive. They love natural hair but for special occasions might make waves to look like blues girls of the 20's.

7. Get the Blues Style.

The blues originated as the music of the poor, so adopting a blues fashion style doesn't have to cost you much money. Thin cotton dresses, the more vintage the better, like those worn in the 1920s and 1930s, flapper style dresses, stockings, and heels should be your must haves. You may brighten your look with bead necklaces, feather hair accessories or vintage brooches. For a more contemporary and refined look, consider incorporating only one of these items into your modern outfits. Opt for bright colors like blue, deep red, black, rich purple or dark green. Make your blues image complete with vintage style lingerie such as thigh high stockings, tap short panties and silky nightgowns. For the most affordable stylish clothing and accessories check out SammyDress, offering designer clothes at amazingly low prices. And make sure you use Promo Codes for SammyDress  with your online purchase to save even more.

8. Enjoy Yourself.

Blues women love parties and appreciate every moment of life, understanding that life is short. But avoid falling into the extreme and behave responsibly, if you don't want your life to be TOO short. Keep in mind that many blues artists made this mistake and died early.

9. Don't Be Big-Headed

Blues artists were born in humble families and never thought that someone could be better than anyone else. They were open-minded and their attitude to people didn't depend on social status or popularity. So avoid taking yourself too seriously because it is considered uncool.

10. Bring the Art to Everyday Life

The life of blues artists involves expressing themselves and their culture. This is evident in the creative blues slang. Why not to add some blues terms into your everyday speech like "cats", for men or "mamas" for women. If you like some guy you can call him "big boy", or "sugar".